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The art of dealing with people is very important when it comes to running a business. Of course, no business can become successful without the involvement of people which is why entrepreneurs need to find ways on how to expand their networks. Marketing is essential to increase sales numbers and there are various methods that people use when advertising. Aside from commercials and posters, referrals can help a lot. For this, business owners need to ensure that they provide quality services at all times so customers can spread the good news to their peers. Word of mouth marketing is vital because most of the time, people believe what their friends and relatives say. If one customer had a bad experience about a product or service, he or she will most likely tell others about it. The same thing goes if a customer had an exceptional experience. When it comes to building contacts at these events, the same logic applies. If one person sees a company with good remuneration, he or she will join and refer more friends to that company.

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Various industries have followed this platform which is creating leads and contacting interested referrals. People who are interested in joining the company pay a joining fee and an annual membership fee, as well as a weekly meeting fee used to cover food and room hire expenses. As of this moment, there are over 150,000 members and still growing.


Members are expected to focus on providing referrals to other members and not just for themselves. The philosophy is called Givers Gain which is building relationships in order to receive referrals in return. More referrals mean more chances of closing sales thus more income in the future. On the other hand, members do not need to rely on others in order to get referrals. There are rules when it comes to attendance and they have to be met in order to get referrals from other members. This is to ensure that everyone helps each other in achieving weekly, monthly and yearly goals.

In order to understand more, you can visit their website where you can find all the chapters available worldwide. Once you decide to join the company, you also need to visit the website as the rules are there. These rules are what all members should know because they also reflect their core values. By following these rules, members are able to earn and learn. business network International allows people to become better entrepreneurs as they begin to multiply their potentials.